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Greece, bus # 51

  GreeceUrban KTEL Larisas S.A.51PPA-1612???? 
ΚΤΕL Rodou S.A.35 ????

License Plate #:PPA-1612
Facility:Urban KTEL Larisas S.A.
Model:Mercedes-Benz O530 Citaro
Current state: In operation 
Service:Passenger car

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Facility:Urban KTEL Larisas S.A.
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  ????    Sent to other company (or to the factory)

Location:South Aegean
Facility:ΚΤΕL Rodou S.A.
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Rhodes, Bus Station

Saturday, May 31, 2014
Author: пассат


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51 YEH-7451 Mercedes-Benz O405N OSY 74243 1993
35 YEM-4935 Van Hool A300 OSY 26019 1994
51 YEM-4951 Van Hool A300 OSY 26004 1994
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35 XNX-9135 Göppel (MAN NM222) KTEAL Chanion 1998
35 KBP-5887 MAN A21 NL223 KTEAL Kavala 670 1999
51 AZI-2800 Mercedes-Benz O530 Citaro KTEAL Patras 105243 2004
35 POX-6737 Mercedes-Benz O550 Integro L ΚΤΕL Rodou 520315 04.2005
51 XEH-8235 Solaris Urbino III 18 KΤΕL Αttikis 245 2008 171
35 KON-1244 Temsa HD12 KTEL Rhodope 2016
35 XAO-6920 Van Hool New A309 KTEAL Chalkida 60705 2016
35 KMX-2735 MAN R07 Lion's Coach RHC**4 KTEL Messinias S.A. 2020
51 EBN-3351 MAN R07 Lion's Coach RHC**4 KTEL Evrou 2021

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