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Greece, bus # 20

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GreeceOld photos (before 2000)
GreeceCollection of Club "Studies about History of Transportation in Greece"

Αθήνα, Πλατεία Κλαυθμώνος (Athens, Klafthmonos Square)

Archive of Nikos Papoutsis's family. Collection of Club "Studies about History of Transportation in Greece"

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  1953    Arrived at the facility

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# Plate Model Facility Ser.# Built Remarks
20 XNM-9089 Setra S315GT-HD KTEL Chania-Rethymnou
20 EBK-8350 Mercedes-Benz Tourismo 15RHD-II KTEL Evrou
20 HMX-1570 Göppel (MAN NM223) KTEL Veria
20 Cobus 3000 Airport Diagoras
20 ZMK-5191 Irizar Century KΤΕL Αttikis
20 XNP-2770 Bova Magiq Other tourist buses
20 KNK-1420 Setra S315GT KTEL Pieria
20 AIP-2810 MAN A21 NL**3 KTEAL Agrinio
20 AZH-1820 MAN R07 Lion's Coach RHC**4 KTEL Achaea
20 BOP-2707 Göppel KTEAL Trikala
20 KBK-4261 Mercedes-Benz O405 KTEAL Kavala
20 NI-5767 MAN A03 Lion's Star (common model) KTEL Kavala
20 KZX-6497 MAN A21 NL**3 KTEAL Kozani
20 AHM-9796 Neoplan N316K Euroliner KTEL Xanthi
20 KON-4475 Mercedes-Benz Tourismo 15RHD-III KTEL Rhodope
20 ZAZ-4770 Mercedes-Benz Vario KTEL Zakynthos
20 PZE-8520 Irizar Century KTEL Preveza
20 KEZ-2170 Setra S315HD KTEL Cephalonia
20 EMN-5288 MAN A13 Lion's Coach KTEL Thira
20 XKH-3380 Mercedes-Benz O580-15RHD Travego ΚΤΕL Chalkidikis
20 KMT-5650 Setra S315HD KTEL Messinias S.A. Μπουγας Αποστολοπουλος
20 NEH-9359 Bova Futura FHD 12 KTEL Thessaloniki
20 KZX-5170 Mercedes-Benz KTEAL Ptolemaida
20 EEN-6900 Irizar Century KTEL Pella
20 MOA-1099 Bova Futura KTEL Samos
20 HAH-3498 Neoplan N216SHD Jetliner KTEL Elis
20 XAP-5998 Mercedes-Benz O350-15RHD Tourismo ΚΤΕL Evias
20 BOO-5662 Hispano Habit KTEAL Volos
20 XIZ-4702 Göppel KTEAL Chios
20 BIN-8328 Temsa Safari RD KTEL Thebes
20 KHA-5904 Hispano Divo II ΚΤΕL Evritanias
20 EBN-2020 Mercedes-Benz O530 Citaro KTEAL Alexandroupoli
20 APM-9222 Mercedes-Benz O404-15RHD KTEL Argolidas
20 ZMK-5285 MAN 893 ÜL292 KΤΕL Αttikis
20 AIZ-7070 Neoplan N4014NF KTEAL Agrinio
20 YZA-4977 Bouhagier KΤΕL Αttikis
20 BOM-6091 Castrosúa CS40 KTEAL Volos
20 YN-8420 Saracakis A550 ISAP
20 EPN-7505 Neoplan N1216HD Cityliner KTEL Serres
20 BIZ-5240 Mercedes-Benz O303 KTEL Thebes
20 XIB-7502 Neoplan N4010NF KTEAL Chios
20 EPK-2244 Irizar Century KΤΕL Αttikis
20 INM-7140 Mercedes-Benz O405 KTEAL Ioannina
20 74613 Papadatos KTEAL Patras 1961
20 253464 Biamax O317 1st KTEL Athens 1967
20 AXA-8675 Papadatos KTEAL Patras 1981
20 KNH-2420 Göppel (Mercedes-Benz O402) KTEAL Katerini 292 01.1988
20 NAP-9609 Saracakis A652 Alexandros KTEAL Mytilene 1989
20 AXI-8282 Mercedes-Benz O405 KTEAL Patras 1993
20 YEH-7420 Mercedes-Benz O405N OSY 74310 1993
20 XNM-9334 Setra S215SL KTEAL Chanion 1994
20 YEM-4920 Van Hool A300 OSY 26053 1994
20 XAX-8584 Steyr SN12 HUA285 KTEAL Chalkida 1996
20 KYK-3914 Mercedes-Benz O405N2 KTEAL Kerkyras 1998
20 AME-2527 MAN A21 NL**3 KTEAL Lamias 1999
20 AZI-9540 Mercedes-Benz O530 Citaro KTEAL Patras 103690 2003
20 EPX-8116 Mercedes-Benz O530 Citaro KTEL Serres 2003
20 PIT-9420 Mercedes-Benz O530 Citaro KTEAL Larisas 2004
20 XEH-8268 MAN A37 Lion's City NL263 KΤΕL Αttikis 199 2008
20 PKA-4848 Mercedes-Benz O530 Citaro L DES RODA 702319 2010
20 KON-1243 Temsa HD12 KTEL Rhodope 2016