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Greece, MAN R07 Lion's Coach RHC**4 # [MEH-8372]

  GreeceAttica Region, other [MEH-8372]07.2021 Kelenis Tours
Setra Α. Σταματίου 07.202107.2021 
KTEL Aitoloakarnanias43MEH-8372201907.2021 

  July 2021    Sent to other company (or to the factory)

  July 2021    Sent to other company (or to the factory)

  2019    Arrived at the facility

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# Plate Model Facility Ser.# Built Remarks
43 XKN-4702 Mercedes-Benz O350-15RHD Tourismo ΚΤΕL Chalkidikis
43 KNH-9543 Mercedes-Benz O350-15RHD Tourismo KTEL Pieria
43 AZI-2920 Mercedes-Benz Tourismo III 15RHD KTEL Achaea
43 KOM-1696 Setra S415GT-HD KTEL Rhodope
43 PZK-3580 Irizar Century II 12.35 KTEL Preveza
43 EEP-6326 Setra S315GT-HD KTEL Pella
43 HAN-1314 Neoplan P21 N2216SHD Tourliner SHD KTEL Elis
43 KMP-1272 Mercedes-Benz O350-15RHD Tourismo KTEL Messinias
43 XAT-2045 Irizar Century ΚΤΕL Euboea
43 BOO-6987 Castrosua Magnus KTEAL Volos
43 BIN-9242 Temsa Safari HD KTEL Thebes
43 AHM-1048 Bova Futura ΚΤΕL Magnesias
43 XEH-8243 Mercedes-Benz O530 Citaro KTEL Corinth
43 HKH-3116 Neoplan N316SHD Euroliner KTEL Heraklion–Lasithi
43 TKN-4303 Neoplan P21 N2216SHD Tourliner SHD ΚΤΕL Τrikalon
43 HMK-8843 Berkhof Axial 70 KTEL Imathia
43 AIK-5555 Irizar Century II KTEL Arta
43 INK-6695 Mercedes-Benz O350-15RHD Tourismo KTEL Ioannina
43 PMK-5210 Neoplan N316SHD Euroliner KTEL Drama
43 HZB-7992 Neoplan P21 N2216SHD Tourliner SHD Union
43 APT-7643 Irizar Century III KTEL Argolidas
43 HNE-1224 MAN R07 Lion's Coach RHC**4 KTEL Thesprotia
43 INX-5774 MAN A23 NG313 KTEAL Ioannina
43 PIX-2393 Neoplan N316SHD Euroliner KTEL Larissas
43 KYH-1458 Mercedes-Benz O303-9RHP KTEL Kerkyras
43 AKM-3150 Mercedes-Benz O350-15RHD Tourismo ΚΤΕL Lakonias
43 IM-8535 Tsokos (MAN SR240) KΤΕL Αttikis
43 APH-6041 Neoplan N116H Cityliner KTEL Argolidas
43 HKZ-5950 Mercedes-Benz O350-15RHD Tourismo KTEL Chania–Rethymnou
43 TPE-6666 Jonckheere Deauville 45 KΤΕL Αttikis
43 AZZ-6040 Mercedes-Benz Tourismo II 15RHD KTEL Achaea
43 PIP-6743 Mercedes-Benz O405 KTEAL Larissas
43 KBE-6337 Bova Futura KTEL Kavala
43 XKE-2074 Mercedes-Benz O303-15RHD ΚΤΕL Chalkidikis
43 EBH-5910 Neoplan N316SHD Euroliner KTEL Evrou
43 NAN-9253 Saracakis SBAV595 KTEL Thessaloniki
43 EPK-3104 Irizar Century KTEL Serres
43 MEH-7643 MAN R07 Lion's Coach RHC**4 KTEL Aitoloakarnanias
43 88489 Biamax OP315 KΤΕL Αttikis
43 Mercedes-Benz O303-15RHD KTEL Arta
43 YBB-4025 RS KΤΕL Αttikis
43 AKE-7848 Mercedes-Benz O303-15RHD ΚΤΕL Lakonias
43 KNH-2836 Obradors KTEL Pella
43 KTB-6743 Mercedes-Benz O580-15RHD Travego KTEL Kastoria
43 KOE-7160 Mercedes-Benz O303-15RHD KTEL Rhodope
43 MEH-6543 Mercedes-Benz Travego II 15RHD KTEL Aitoloakarnanias
43 PAB-7640 Setra S215HD ΚΤΕL Grevenon
43 43685 (unknown) 1st KTEL Athens 1958
43 PA-6734 Rentoumis KTEAL Patras 1962
43 170109 Rentoumis KTEAL Patras 1962
43 MX-2762 Magirus-Deutz Hellas M2000 KTEL Thessaloniki 1980
43 IP-4805 Biamax F580S KTEAL Patras 1981
43 YN-8443 Saracakis A550 ISAP 1981
43 BIE-8343 Mercedes-Benz O303-15RHD KTEL Thebes 64732 03.1991
43 YEH-7443 Mercedes-Benz O405N OSY 1993
43 YEM-4943 Van Hool A300 OSY 26012 1994
43 AZA-3723 MAN A10 NL202 KTEAL Patras 3101 1996
43 MAN A10 NL202 KTEAL Volos 2624 1996
43 KMH-2929 Irizar Century KTEL Messinias 2002 Πλαταρος
43 AZK-4154 Mercedes-Benz O530 Citaro KTEAL Patras 106868 12.2004
43 KIH-9525 Mercedes-Benz O530 Citaro KTEL Kilkis 108756 2005 Operates for OASTH (№ 5043)
43 XEH-8247 MAN A37 Lion's City NL263 KΤΕL Αttikis 289 2008 Operating for OASA
43 KTE-7679 Mercedes-Benz Travego II 15RHD KTEL Kastoria 102087 2009
43 Solaris Urbino III 12 Piraeus Port 288 2015
43 PNE-4448 Mercedes-Benz Tourismo III 15RHD ΚΤΕL Grevenon 2018
43 MEK-2643 Setra S515HD KTEL Aitoloakarnanias 2021