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Greece, Mercedes-Benz O405N # 106

  GreeceOdikes Synkoinonies (OSY)106YEK-510607.2011


  July 2011    Arrived at the facility

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# Plate Model Facility Ser.# Built Remarks
106 KZM-4022 Mercedes-Benz O350-15RHD Tourismo ΚΤΕL Kozanis
106 KBM-3044 MAN R07 Lion's Coach RHC**4 KTEL Kavala
106 NKE-7126 Mercedes-Benz Intouro II KTEL Thessaloniki
106 ZMM-5452 Hispano Divo I KΤΕL Αttikis
106 HZE-3404 MAN A21 Lion's City NL*** KTEAL Heraklion
106 AZI-8100 Mercedes-Benz O350-15RHD Tourismo KTEL Achaea
106 MEZ-2153 Mercedes-Benz O580-15RHD Travego KTEL Aitoloakarnanias
106 MIH-2369 Setra S315UL ΚΤΕL Phthiotis
106 EPK-5979 Mercedes-Benz O303-15RHD KTEL Serres
106 MIX-2217 Irizar Century II ΚΤΕL Phthiotis
106 ANZ-9324 Setra S315GT-HD KTEL Heraklion–Lasithi
106 INK-8406 Irizar Century KTEL Ioannina
106 PIT-4206 Setra S315GT-HD KTEL Larissas
106 MEZ-2277 Mercedes-Benz O350-15RHD Tourismo KTEL Aitoloakarnanias
106 AXN-6200 Irizar Century KTEL Achaea
106 AXM-4499 MAN A03 Lion's Star FRH422 KTEL Corinth
106 IB-1494 Irizar Century KTEL Ioannina
106 ZH-6198 Iliopoulos KTEL Elis 1966
106 YM-5498 Biamax O317 ΚΤΕL Kozanis 1966
106 HPK-4053 MAN 192 SL200 KTEAL Heraklion 3378 1980
106 HKZ-1080 Mercedes-Benz O405 KTEAL Heraklion 1993
106 NBH-9697 Saracakis A652 Alexandros OASTH 1993
106 YEM-4895 Van Hool A300 OSY 26028 1994
106 NBP-9544 Saracakis A742 Alexandros KTEAL Patras 1995
106 HAN-1877 Mercedes-Benz O530 Citaro KTEL Elis 1999
106 HKZ-9883 Saracakis Makedonia KTEL Chania–Rethymnou 2004
106 AZI-9361 Mercedes-Benz Integro II KTEAL Patras 2006 Σχολική
106 YNN-9706 Solaris Urbino III 8.6 OSY 2009
106 ANP-2547 Scania Touring HD KTEL Heraklion–Lasithi 2021
106 Anadolu Isuzu Grand Toro Σταματίου 2022