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North Osetia, Luidor-225000 (GAZ-322133) # М 604 ЕК 777

  North OsetiaOOO "Scat"М 604 ЕК 77701.2017  
  MoscowOther city carriers08.20142016ООО "Ав-транс", 699м
В 735 КВ 77706.201408.2014
Р 381 ХЕ 19709.201206.2014 

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  2016 — January 2017    Sent to other company (or to the factory)

  August 2014    Change of state number (within the company)

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Moscow, Каширское шоссе
Route 699м, не на маршруте

Saturday, August 9, 2014
Author: dielektrik

  June 2014    Change of state number (within the company)

  September 2012    Arrived at the facility

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