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Perm region, GAZ-322132 (XTH, X96) # Р 384 УН 59

  Perm regionBuses of educational institutions of the Chernushka city districtР 384 УН 5911.201706.2022МБОУ "Базовая Павловская ООШ", с. Павловка
08.200911.2017МБОУ "Таушинская ООШ", с. Тауш

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  June 2022    Withdrawn

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Perm regionBuses without plate numbers

Perm region, Чернушка, улица Мира

Sunday, December 18, 2022
Author: Андрей Аристов


  November 2017    Renumbered (within the company)

  August 2009    Arrived at the facility

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