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Finland, Carrus K204 City L # 197

  FinlandNobina Finland Oy197ZIV-89912.200901.2011
Concordia Bus Finland06.200012.2009

  January 2011    Withdrawn

  December 2009    Renumbered (within the company)

  June 2000    Arrived at the facility

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# Plate Model Facility Ser.# Built
197 MHF-984 Ikarus EAG E94.07 Transdev Finland 108 2001
197 EXZ-497 Kabus TC-6Z3/7300 Satakunnan 2004
197 SON-307 Volvo 8700LE Pohjolan Matka P102359 2010
197 LZZ-640 Carrus 9700S NG Pohjolan Liikenne 1235-1 2012