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Greece, BIO # 87

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  November 1961    Withdrawn

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GreeceOld photos (before 2000)
GreeceCollection of Club "Studies about History of Transportation in Greece"

Greece, Αττικής
Route 23

Archive of Ioannis Pagonas family. Collection of Club "Studies about History of Transportation in Greece"

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  1952    Arrived at the facility

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# Plate Model Facility Ser.# Built Remarks
87 PEM-2025 Bova Magiq KTEL Chania-Rethymnou
87 KNH-9015 MAN A03 Lion's Star FRH422 KΤΕL Αttikis
87 KZP-1421 Andecar Viana ΚΤΕL Κozanis
87 IEY-2607 Irizar Century III 12.35 TrainΟSE
87 AZE-1343 Irizar PB 12-3,7 KTEL Achaea
87 KBT-2300 Neoplan P21 N2216SHD Tourliner SHD KTEL Kavala
87 KPK-1860 Hispano Divo I KTEL Corinth
87 TPZ-6739 Mercedes-Benz O405N2 KTEL Arcadia 504
87 EPK-6939 Hispano Divo I KTEL Serres
87 APN-4387 MAN A21 Lion's City NL**3 KTEL Argolidas
87 MIT-5920 Setra S315GT-HD ΚΤΕL Phthiotis
87 PIY-4187 MAN R07 Lion's Coach RHC**4 KTEL Larissas
87 MEZ-1870 Mercedes-Benz O350-15RHD Tourismo KTEL Aitoloakarnanias
87 XAP-5131 Irizar Century II ΚΤΕL Euboea
87 HKE-5858 Sfakianakis SS500LF KTEL Heraklion-Lasithi
87 INZ-9664 Irizar Century II 12.35 KTEL Ioannina
87 HN-5858 Biamax O302S3 KTEL Heraklion-Lasithi
87 PA-6317 Mandrekas KTEAL Patras 1968
87 223990 Mandrekas KTEAL Patras 1968
87 TPB-4343 KEA KTEAL Patras 1984
87 AZA-8550 Saracakis A652 Alexandros KTEAL Patras 1993
87 YEM-4987 Van Hool A300 OSY 26078 1994
87 KMH-8589 Beulas Midi-Star´E KTEL Messinias 2004 ΚΤΕΛ
87 YNN-9687 Solaris Urbino III 8.6 OSY 2009
87 Neoplan P21 N2216SHD Tourliner SHD KTEL Ioannina 2021