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Pavlodar province, bus # S 202 UNM

  Pavlodar provinceOther intercity busesS 202 UNM≈ 2011  
S 202 BV02.2006≈ 2011ИП Кутышев А.Н.

License Plate #:S 202 UNM
Region:Pavlodar province  
Location:Pavlodar, intercity transporters
Facility:Other intercity buses
Model:Caetano Autisa
Chassi:MAN 470 16.290 HOCL
Since...:ca. 2011
Chassi #:WMA4700821W011585
Current state: Location and status are unknown 
Service:Passenger car

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Павлодар, улица Кутузова

Thursday, December 1, 2011
Author: Работник ТУ

License Plate #:S 202 UNM
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  about 2011    Change of state number (within the company)

License Plate #:S 202 BV
Remarks:ИП Кутышев А.Н.
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  February 2006    Arrived at the facility

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