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Moscow region, bus # А 620 ОА 750

  Moscow regionIP Dolbilin AlexanderА 620 ОА 7502020 30к, ранее 51к
IP Tcvetkov Mikhail01.2017202030к, ранее 507

License Plate #:А 620 ОА 750
Region:Moscow region  
Location:Наро-Фоминский городской округ
Facility:IP Dolbilin Alexander
Model:Luidor-223203 (MB Sprinter Classic)
Serial number:8198
Chassi #:XDN9098431B119336
Current state: In operation 
Purpose:Passenger vehicle
Remarks:30к, ранее 51к

Facility:IP Dolbilin Alexander
Remarks:30к, ранее 51к
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  2020    Sent to other company (or to the factory)

Facility:IP Tcvetkov Mikhail
Remarks:30к, ранее 507
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  January 2017    Arrived at the facility

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