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Vehicles without photos

Lugansk region, Ликвидированные перевозчики

Here are the vehicles with no photos during at least the last year.
If you upload photo of any of these vehicles now, it will have all chances to get "I+".

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Passenger vehicles

Years#PlateModelFacilityRemarksLast PhotoTotal Photos
BB 3649 AA Mercedes-Benz Vario 814D Lugansk. commercial ФЛП Ляшиченко С.В. 0
9 001-34 АО Ruta SPV-15 (SPV-33021.01-15) Lugansk. commercial ЧП Поволоцкий С.И. August 12, 2012 1
9 BB 2969 AA Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 311CDI Automassage March 30, 2013 1