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Arnoldas Straukus

Real name:Arnoldas Straukus
Location:Kaunas, Lithuania
Registration date:20.02.2020
Knowledge of languages:Lietuvių, English
User's time:08:03 (+3 hr.)
Last visit:27.10.2020 MSKat 07:53 MSK

User about himself

▪ Devices:
Canon EOS 450D w/ 18-55mm or 28-90mm lens
Samsung Galaxy S7 (2016 version)

▪ Software:
Adobe Lightroom Mobile

▪ You can also find me on:
My Transphoto
My Instagram (where I put most of my photos)
My Facebook

▪ Personal favourites:
Setra S516HD/2 (483 ❤)

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 Europe: Lithuania (84).

Number of photos: 84

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