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Nikolaev region, bus # BE 0398 AA

License Plate #:BE 0398 AA
Region:Nikolaev region  
Facility:Alan-Techno, LLC
Model:Ikarus 260 (DARZ)
Serial number:53
Current state: Location and status are unknown 
Service:Passenger car

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Nikolaev region,  LAZ-695N  # BE 0400 AA  —  route 114, Николаев - Лупарево
Nikolaev region,  BAZ-A079.14 "Prolisok"  # BE 4756 AA  —  route 114, Николаев - Лупарево
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Николаев, улица Самойловича
Route 114, Николаев - Лупарево

Ветераны в строю Автор фото: Арчибисов Игорь

Saturday, March 5, 2011
Posted by Alex-Od


  July 2004    Arrived at the facility

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