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Novosibirsk region, bus # Е 526 НХ 82

  Novosibirsk regionIP MolokovaЕ 526 НХ 8212.2019 Маршрут 74
OOO Diamant-101.201712.2019 

License Plate #:Е 526 НХ 82
Region:Novosibirsk region  
Location:Новосибирск, городские перевозчики
Facility:IP Molokova
Model:Luidor-225000 (GAZ-322133)
Serial number:6960
Body #:322100G0594439
Current state: In operation 
Service:Passenger car
Remarks:Маршрут 74

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Facility:IP Molokova
Remarks:Маршрут 74

  December 2019    Sent to other company (or to the factory)

Facility:OOO Diamant-1

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Новосибирск, Большевистская улица
Route 91

Saturday, August 10, 2019
Author: death_infinity


  January 2017    Arrived at the facility

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