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Kyiv region, Bogdan A09201 (LuAZ) # AI 1509 HO

  Kyiv regionIrpinske ATP 13250 LLCAI 1509 HO09.2018
AB 4803 AC2017
  KyivNadiyapastrans LLC070-20 КА2006

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Kyiv, Автодорога Р-30
Route 422 Буча (зал.ст.) — Київ АС "Дачна"

Monday, September 17, 2018
Author: Denis_ua


  September 2018    Change of state number (within the company)

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Kyiv,  Ataman A09204  # AA 9482 OX  —  route ТРЦ "Lavina" — метро "Академгородок"

Kyiv, Парковка ТРЦ Lavina
Route ТРЦ "Lavina" — метро "Дорогожичи"

Sunday, July 22, 2018
Author: SavA

  2017    Sent to other company (or to the factory)

  2006    Arrived at the facility

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