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Vehicles without photos

Italy, AMAG Mobilità

Here are the vehicles with no photos during at least the last year.
If you upload photo of any of these vehicles now, it will have all chances to get "I+".

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Passenger vehicles

Years#PlateModelFacilityRemarksLast PhotoTotal Photos
69 CL 897PA Orlandi EuroClass AMAG 0
226 EN 188DV Autodromo Alè AMAG 0
227 EN 467DY Autodromo Alè AMAG 0
228 EW 378FK Rampini Alé AMAG 0
229 EW 379FK Rampini Alé AMAG 0
230 EW 380FK Rampini Alé AMAG 0
231 EW 381FK Rampini Alé AMAG 0
232 EW 382FK Rampini Alé AMAG 0
439 FK 001YG Irisbus Citelis 12M AMAG 0
440 FK 002YG Irisbus Citelis 12M AMAG 0
441 FK 003YG Irisbus Citelis 12M AMAG 0
442 FK 004YG Irisbus Citelis 12M AMAG 0
3 455 FM 168WY Irisbus Citelis 12M AMAG April 2, 2019 1