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Bus of Petrozavodsk

Bus of Petrozavodsk - news / foto/ buses / other
Poltava Transport

Public passenger transport of Poltava: photo galleries, routes, time-tables
Transport Globe

The review site about public transport of Russia, Europe and other countries of the world. Photo gallery, tickets, articles.
Kolpino us fleet

Kolpino bus fleet - history and the present. An extensive photo gallery of buses SPB
Forum of Public Transport

Forum for the discussion of transport that.
MUE «Gorelectrotransport»

Official site MUE «Gorelectrotransport»
The Gomel autorepair factory

Site of the Gomel autorepair factory
The Gomel incorporated bus station

Site of the Gomel bus station

Site UE "Belomunmash"
MUE «Minsktrans»: an official site
Capital transport and communication

Official site of Official body «Capital transport and communication»
BYTRANS: Belarusian Transport

The most popular Belarus transport intrnet-portal: photos, lists RS, descriptions of models and much, many other things.
Passenger transport Arkhangelsk Region
Municipal Transportation. The Picture Album

The public transport photo gallery
Shadowed Cars

The site about the "leaving" technical history...
Moscow Bus

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