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Rostov region, bus # У 828 ВК 761

  Rostov regionLLС TC "Novocherkassk"У 828 ВК 76107.2021 Маршрут 1а
LLC "Novocherkasskaya transportnaya kompaniya"12.202007.2021 

License Plate #:У 828 ВК 761
Region:Rostov region  
Location:г. Новочеркасск
Facility:LLС TC "Novocherkassk"
Model:PAZ-320302-12 "Vector" (2K)
Serial number:2261
Current state: In operation 
Service:Passenger car
Remarks:Маршрут 1а

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Facility:LLС TC "Novocherkassk"
Remarks:Маршрут 1а
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  July 2021    Renumbered (within the company)

Facility:LLC "Novocherkasskaya transportnaya kompaniya"
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Rostov region,  PAZ-320302-11 (2M, 2T)  # К 784 ХР 161  —  route 350/1 Новочеркасск - Ростов-на-Дону

Новочеркасск, Баклановский проспект
Route 50а

Wednesday, July 7, 2021
Author: Igor 259

  December 2020    Arrived at the facility

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