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Vehicles without photos

Omsk region, Kartasheva L.D.

Here are the vehicles with no photos during at least the last year.
If you upload photo of any of these vehicles now, it will have all chances to get "I+".

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Passenger vehicles

Years#PlateModelFacilityRemarksLast PhotoTotal Photos
Т 361 АТ 55 Sofia 232GS (Citroёn Jumper) Kartasheva L.D. 0
У 253 ВХ 55 GAZ-A64R42 Next Kartasheva L.D. 0
У 821 УХ 55 IRITO Boxer L4H2 (Z8P) Kartasheva L.D. 0
У 857 ВР 55 GAZ-A64R42 Next Kartasheva L.D. 0
1 У 801 НТ 55 Luidor-2250DS (GAZ Next) Kartasheva L.D. November 28, 2020 2