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Germany, bus # GS-YC 235

  GermanyRichter Reisen KGGS-YC 23520152016
GS-ZH 71020142015

License Plate #:GS-YC 235
Facility:Richter Reisen KG
Model:MAN A21 Lion's City NL**3
Current state: Location and status are unknown 
Service:Passenger car

License Plate #:GS-YC 235
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  2015    Change of state number (within the company)

License Plate #:GS-ZH 710
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  2014    Arrived at the facility

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Plate Model Facility Ser.# Built
GS-YC 235 Mercedes-Benz O530 Citaro Ü Richter 100000 2001
GS-YC 235 Mercedes-Benz Türk O345 Conecto H Richter 234138 2002
GS-ZH 710 Mercedes-Benz Türk O345 Conecto H Richter 2003

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