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Krasnodar region, ChA A09214 # Е 439 КУ 193

  Krasnodar regionKavkazsky region, other busesЕ 439 КУ 19301.2021 ИП Шабельский Д.С.
  Ulyanovsk regionOther buses of Dimitrovgrad and Melekessky districtР 679 ТУ 16309.201801.2021ИП Слепцов В.А.
  Samara regionOOO "Auto-Express"08.201209.2018 

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  January 2021    Sent to other company (or to the factory)

  September 2018    Sent to other company (or to the factory)

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Samara region, Самара, улица Агибалова, к/ост "Железнодорожный вокзал"
Route 652д Тольятти (а/ст "Аврора") — Самара (ж/д вокзал)

Sunday, April 21, 2013
Author: Павел 63


  August 2012    Arrived at the facility

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