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Kharkov region, bus # 012-26 ХА

  Kharkov regionPrivat enterprener Latyshev012-26 ХА12.20032007
078-08 ХА199912.2003

License Plate #:012-26 ХА
Region:Kharkov region  
Location:Харьков, коммерческие перевозчики (аренда)
Facility:Privat enterprener Latyshev
Chassi #:XTH270500X0107375
Current state: Modernized (model changed) 
Service:Passenger car

Records with the same serial number:
# Plate Region Facility Ser. # Built Remarks
785 012-26 ХА Kharkov region Trans-service 2007 Аренда (ФЛП Латышев С.И.)

  2007    Modernized (model changed)

License Plate #:012-26 ХА

  12.2003    Change of state number (within the company)

License Plate #:078-08 ХА

  1999    Arrived at the facility

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Other vehicles with the same number:

# Plate Model Facility Ser. # Built Remarks
766 012-26 ХА Ruta SPV-17 "Fregat-K" 2007 Аренда (ФЛП Латышев С.И.)

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