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Perm region, bus # Н 019 ОН 159

  Perm regionPerm, other service busesН 019 ОН 15906.2020 ООО "Спецэнергогаз"
К 159 ОХ 15901.201806.2020

License Plate #:Н 019 ОН 159
Region:Perm region  
Location:Пермь, служебные и заказные
Facility:Perm, other service buses
Model:Ford Transit FBD [RUS] (Z6F.ESG.)
Serial number:51907
Current state: In operation 
Service:Work car
Remarks:ООО "Спецэнергогаз"

License Plate #:Н 019 ОН 159
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  June 2020    Change of state number (within the company)

License Plate #:К 159 ОХ 159
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  January 2018    Arrived at the facility

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