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Omsk region, bus # Т 353 РМ 55

  Omsk regionOmsk, other intercity busesТ 353 РМ 5512.2016 ИП Меняйлов И.Н.
Route taxi - other(Omsk city)АТ 550 5502.201112.2016ИП Табаченко К.В.

License Plate #:Т 353 РМ 55
Region:Omsk region  
Location:Омск, прочие маршрутные
Facility:Omsk, other intercity buses
Model:GAZ-322132 (XTH, X96)
Serial number:610589
Body #:32210080386502
Current state: Out of service 
Service:Passenger car
Remarks:ИП Меняйлов И.Н.

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Омск, улица Лобкова
Route 803

Saturday, July 29, 2017
Author: Maksimus


Facility:Omsk, other intercity buses
License Plate #:Т 353 РМ 55
Remarks:ИП Меняйлов И.Н.

  December 2016    Sent to other company (or to the factory)

Facility:Route taxi - other(Omsk city)
License Plate #:АТ 550 55
Remarks:ИП Табаченко К.В.

  February 2011    Arrived at the facility

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