Image has been rejected

Askew (to the left)
Dirt on camera lens, sensor or photo through the glass
Excessive noise reduction
Low contrast (faded colors)
Broken proportions
Nonuniform lighting
Unsharp (blurred)
Baseless hard zoom
Poor frame composition
Poor resize algorythm («stairs»)
Low detalisation (low image quality)
Poor colours
Hard noise
Too hard compression
Excessive photo processing
Generally low image quality (too many remarks)
Moscow region, LiAZ-4292.60 (1-2-1) # 616
  Moscow region LiAZ-4292.60 (1-2-1) # 616  —  route 7к Вокзал - Дорожный участок
Егорьевск, проспект Ленина
На остановке

Author: Егор Сухов · Moscow region           Date: Monday, March 26, 2018

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Moscow region, LiAZ-4292.60 (1-2-1) # 616

Location:Городской округ Егорьевск
Facility:MAP-4 Avtokolonna №1796 Egor`evsk
License Plate #:К 384 НТ 750
Model:LiAZ-4292.60 (1-2-1)
Serial number:483
Current state:Out of service
Service:Passenger car