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Vehicles without photos

Germany, Huth-Reisen GmbH

Here are the vehicles with no photos during at least the last year.
If you upload photo of any of these vehicles now, it will have all chances to get "I+".

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Passenger vehicles

Years#PlateModelFacilityRemarksLast PhotoTotal Photos
MZG-OO 34 Omnibus Trading Huth-Reisen 0
MZG-PN 11 Setra S415NF Huth-Reisen Operating for Kreisverkehrsbetriebe Saarlouis (№ 111) 0
MZG-PN 110 MAN A21 Lion's City NL323 Huth-Reisen 0
MZG-PN 111 MAN A78 Lion's City LE EL293 Huth-Reisen 0
MZG-PN 130 MAN A21 Lion's City NL283 Huth-Reisen 0
MZG-PN 155 VDL Kusters MidCity Huth-Reisen 0
MZG-PN 160 MAN A78 Lion's City LE EL293 Huth-Reisen 0